Saturday, October 8, 2011

28 Days Later

Well shit, it's October, time to watch horror flicks.
I haven't seen 28 Days Later in several god damned years but I remember it being really fucking good. In particular I recall referring to it as the most artistic piece the zombie genre had ever seen. After watching it again, I think that still holds true, but mostly because it's a genre that doesn't aspire to that kind of fancy shit. Anyways, it wasn't the movie I remembered it being. I still love that first half, where zombies (people infected with something that inhibits their inner rage or whatever the fuck was the case) were the problem. But the second half feels lacking. There's not enough chaos for my tastes. Suddenly there's a place that is extremely safe, lots of guns, food, no problems aside from rape. It goes from being survival horror to a revenge flick in very little time. It's still the most visually interesting zombie film I've ever seen, but in a genre where the bar isn't set very high but still most of the entrants manage to limbo under I'm convinced that doesn't mean very much.

It could've used more corn syrup blood and gruesome shots of people being torn limb from limb too.

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