Friday, October 7, 2011

Koi Kaze

So, Koi Kaze. Man, fuck this shit. I am nuts about this weird ass anime. I am a dude with no shame who watches freaky shit about depressing as fuck incest. But man, it's like this, I look at this shit and I see two people in pain in a world that will never accept them. Ain't nobody gettin' a happy ending from this bullshit. This is like my third time watching this show through, and I'm still picking up shit I ain't never noticed before. The art is several kinds of fucking awesome. It takes the pastels and softness of shoujo and delivers 13 episodes of hardcore suffering. Shit is fucking adorable in every sense of the word. The animation.. is pretty standard, sometimes, when the quality dips, I think it's intended to be that way for effect. So if it is just shitty in places, they did a really good job of hiding it, and that is to be commended. The music is pretty stand-out. Lots of instrumental pieces that convey the melancholy of the show very well. Ain't a shit load more you could ask from an OST for this kind of show.
It's kind of amazing that they were able to take this very taboo concept and turn it into something that seems very innocent. I think the characters help a lot with that. Our main characters are basically pretty simple people. Every step in their relationship, be it the more taboo side or the more innocent aspects, is awkward as shit. It's kind of hard to not feel bad for them. Ain't their fault they got fucked up feelings for each other. Our side characters are the ones with all the fun comic relief personality disorders. There's nobody that is difficult to like and that is a rare god damn thing. Making a story based on inner conflict is a difficult god damned thing to do, and that's really what makes Koi Kaze shine. This shit is a real journey, taking two poor suffering bastards through the wringer. I look forward to finishing my re-watch of it, because I honestly forget most of what happens and how it ends. I was depressed as fuck when I started watching this shit, but watching this level of suffering really kind of puts it into perspective.
Koi Kaze, a depressing as fuck artistic extravaganza. If you are not down with feeling like shit, probably don't watch it. If you already feel like shit, you ain't got anything to lose, watch this fucker and feel better maybe.

Fuck your shit,

p.s. I ain't got no clue why you'd name a show this sad "carp wind". What the hell?

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