Friday, October 7, 2011

Koi Kaze Conclusion

Hmmmm... I think I know why I forgot the ending. Largely it's because it didn't air with the original run of the series, but I should've seen it the last time I watched it. I have strong feelings about this ending, just like I do any ending, but in this case I can't say whether it was good or bad. It was an end with infinite possibilities I suppose, not an easy choice to make, but overall I'm inclined to think it was the correct one. The last few episodes, pretty much the contents of the entire third disc, are filled with moments that truly drew me in.
Koi Kaze is an exceptional piece in every way, it is at both times depressing and uplifting. As I said before, there are no happy endings in this series, but there is hope and in this case that's enough.

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