Thursday, October 13, 2011

Land of the Dead

I watched this movie a few hours ago and really didn't want to write about it. As I often like to say; it's not the worst movie I've ever seen and that is the only praise I can offer here. There are two good things about this movie. The first is John Leguizamo who gets a fairly prominent role, I'm always happy to see him in a movie. The guy made an amazing Captain Vegetable.

The second good thing, and I readily admit this is very arguable as a good thing, is that the zombie threat in this movie is a legitimate threat. They aren't fast zombies, they're smart zombies. At least one of them is. He can do simple things like operate assault rifles, swim and apparently feel emotions, that's a pretty big repertoire for an undead guy.
The movie tries to make a point about corporate greed but doesn't really pull it off. The extreme dichotomy between have and have not isn't really believable which makes the whole thing feel faker than it needs to. There's some stupid things, most of which I've already forgotten but I do remember one zombie that was a thread of flesh away from being decapitated yet it could still move it's body enough to catapult the head at people and bite. It wasn't on screen for long but it annoyed me enough that I'm still kind of pissed. It doesn't help that it was a CGI zombie, which never thrills me in the first place.

Don't watch this movie if you want a good movie, a fun movie or anything but very mild mediocre entertainment. If you're like me and trying to watch through all Romero's zombie films just sit back and think about better movies you'll watch afterwards, that's what got me through it.

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